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Gîtes for walkers/hikers in the Drôme.

Gîtes for walkers/hikers in the Drôme.

Walks, hikes and long-distance footpaths – the Drôme is an amazing 'playground' !

The region is a paradise for hikers with its wide range of landscapes to explore on a weekend break or longer holiday.

After a good long walk you can rest and recharge your batteries in one of these rented properties near hiking trails. Whatever type of hike/trek you are on, these gîtes and guesthouses (B&B) offer a range of services/facilities to enable you to rest and/or prepare your next trip.

Trekking and hiking in the Drôme

From northern to southern Drôme, wherever you are, you'll find well-tended footpaths and tracks for hiking/trekking. If you're going on one of the longer treks, plan to stop over along the way and take time to explore the Vercors plateaus, the Drôme Provençale, Rhône valley and our Regional Nature parks – Le Vercors and Les Baronnies. Enjoy your walk!

The Vercors-Drôme Tour

In the heart of the Vercors, take a tour of nearly 100 kilometers drawing a figure of eight whose center is La-Chapelle-en-Vercors. Between the Vercors regional natural park and the forests of the highlands, a week's hike allows you to explore this very beautiful GR® de Pays.
To complete this 105 km hiking loop, you will of course need to count several dozen hours of walking. This great itinerary from Saint-Agnan-en-Vercors, is divided into twenty stages, which will allow you to fully appreciate the unspoiled landscapes of the Vercors moutains.

The Baronnies Tour

The GR® de Pays Tour des Baronnies Provençales takes you to the heart of the regional natural park of the same name, during a 226 km loop starting from Buis-les-Baronnies. Located between the Alps and Mont Ventoux, the Baronnies Provençales massif is a natural setting that offers exceptional flora and fauna to hikers.

Divided between the mild Provençal temperatures and the freshness of the Alpine reliefs, the Baronnies Provençales massif, a limestone medium mountain area, stretches between the south of Drôme and the south-west of the Hautes-Alpes. Along the way, the hiker on the Tour des Baronnies Provençales will stop off in picturesque villages clinging to the cliffs.

Around Dieulefit country

This GR® de Pays allows you to discover the Pays de Dieulefit from Poët-Laval, a medieval village labeled 'most beautiful village in France' and built on a steep site in the Jabron valley. A bucolic route of 110 kilometers to be covered in 7 days in the heart of the Drôme Provençale. Spring or autumn are the ideal seasons to consider a tour of the Pays de Dieulefit!

You should know that the entire tour is marked in yellow and red, counts 112 kilometers, is done in 5 days with substantial stages, it is therefore reserved for good walkers. You will discover there very diverse sublime landscapes.

Hike ont the GR429. Between Dieulefit and Viviers

From Dieulefit and the Col de Dieu-Grâce to Viviers, take a 44-kilometer route on the GR® 429. Between Drôme and Ardèche, this long-distance hiking trail will take you to discover Mont Rachas and the remains of the Priory of Aleyrac .
To cover this section of the GR429, you will need between 3 and 4 days of roaming to complete the 49 km which separate the starting point in Drôme and the finish in neighboring Ardèche. During this hike you will be able to appreciate from its starting point the many tourist attractions of the Drôme.

Hike on the GR422. Between Roussillon and Valence

Thanks to this Grande Randonnée route, you will be able to cross the north of the Drôme to Valence, and will appreciate in passing all the tranquility of this sector so aptly named 'Drôme des Collines'. To complete the 93 km of this route on the Drôme side (a little more if you walk from its departure in Roussillon in southern Isère), you can expect 4 to 5 days of hiking.

You will have the chance to pass near many major tourist sites of interest in the Drôme departments, such as the Ideal Palace of the Postman Cheval, The city of shoes or to be able to test the tables of our great starred chefs of gastronomy French (Anne-Sophie Pic, Baptiste Pinot or Masashi Ljichi).

Hike on the GR95. Between Saillans and Lus-La-croix-haute

From Saillans to Lus-la-Croix-Haute, take a 70.5 kilometer route on the GR® 95 in the wild territory of Diois and its sumptuous decor. A great hike to cover in 5 to 7 days which will lead you to discover the exceptional flora and fauna of the Drôme valley!

From Saillans, a pretty Drômois village nestled on both sides of the river, where many canoes sail in summer, you will go up the valley of the Drôme. In the first part, as far as Die, grow the vines for which Clairette de Die is famous, a deliciously and subtly sparkling traditional wine from Drôme.

Then, in the direction of Châtillon-en-Diois, you will have plenty of time to admire the famous mountain of Glandasse so typical of our Drômois landscape, pass not far from the old abbey of Valcroissant, a site remarkable for its wild beauty , in a grandiose setting.

Hike on the GR93. Between Peyrus and Lus-la-croix-haute.

The GR® 93 originates in the Rhône valley in the village of Peyrus. He crosses the ridges at the Pas du Touet to reach the village of Léoncel and its Cistercian abbey. After crossing the heart of the Vercors Regional Natural Park and its superb craggy landscapes, you will end your 100-kilometer and 6-day tour of the Col de Charnier, in the Lus-la-Croix-Haute basin, a stone's throw from Saint- Disdier.

These 6 days of roaming in the heart of the Vercors plateaus will allow you to discover a preserved natural landscape, within a Regional nature park. All around you, a panoramic view of the peaks of Vercors Drômois but also of the Dauphinoise pre-Alps with the Grand-Veymont or the Mont-aiguille. And above all, an unforgettable visit awaits you at the Cirque d'Archiane.

Hike on the GR91. Between Miscon and Brantes

Follow the GR91 on this Drôme section and you will change universes from north to south of Drôme. Go from the valley of the Drôme, the Diois, to the Drôme Provençale 'Les Baronnies', two settings that are as different as they are complementary. Leaving from Miscon, continue through Lesches en Diois, Beaurière and Valdrôme.
This village built on a rocky outcrop is the source of the Drôme river. Summer and winter, this resort will seduce you with its nature activities. By continuing your hike, you will make a brief excursion into the nearby Hautes-Alpes department before returning to Drôme in the heart of the Baronnies Regional Natural Park.

Hike on the GR9. Between Grenoble and Beaufort-sur-Gervanne

Hike on the GR9 through Isère and Drôme from Grenoble to Beaufort-sur-Gervanne. This 126 km hike will take you to discover the Vercors, a major historical site in our department.

Come and breathe along this long-distance hiking trail in the Vercors Regional Natural Park, enjoy endless wide spaces, take a deep breath of mountain air, and remember the long road traveled to reach freedom in this high place of the French resistance, which knew how to preserve the memory of its heroic past of the Second World War.

Hike on the GR9.  Between Beaufort-sur-Gervanne and Buis-les-Baronnies

108 km to go from the Drôme valley to the Baronnies, that's what this 100% Drôme long-distance hiking route offers! To discover the different faces of the Drôme, walk these paths, soak up these landscapes and this special atmosphere of the south of the Drôme 'Drôme Provençale'.

Stop off in Saillans, a charming and lively village on the banks of the Drôme river, and indulge in a few canoe paddling in summer. Stroll in Bourdeaux on the way ... you are in the territory of the transition between Vercors and Provence and nestle in a magnificent panorama at the crossroads of the directions of Crest, Dieulefit or Nyons, on the south of the Forest of Saoû and the Couspeau mountain range.