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A travel to the heart of lavender in Drôme Provençale


It usually starts when you fall in love with lavender, a truly emotional encounter. We all remember the first time we saw lavender. Not as a bunch of flowers, no. The first time we saw a field of lavender in bloom, in summer. The colour mauve as far as the eye can see, rows of perfectly aligned flowers, the overpowering blue of the sky, the buzzing of bees gathering pollen, and the fragrance … so characteristic of the plant which symbolises Provence. Just picture yourself there!

Whether you see it all the time or only rarely, you'll never tire of this unique sight. Come and explore 'lavender country' in the Drôme Provençale. The southern Drôme, so redolent of Provence, arrays itself in purple in the spring. If you wonder about the following – where can I admire lavender in the Drôme? at what time of year does lavender bloom in the Drôme? where can I stay near lavender fields in the Drôme? what is the difference between lavender and lavendin? – just relax.

Here are some holiday properties in the lavender growing area.

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A travel to the heart of lavender in Drôme Provençale
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